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Government Information: Finding and Downloading eBooks

How to download by device

The eBooks from EBSCOhost and Springer Link can be downloaded and viewed on computers and a variety of eReaders including tablets, Kindles, Nooks, and many more devices. 


To download books from EBSCOhost eBook Collection you will have to create an account with EBSCO. Follow the EBSCO link, and click "Sign In" near the top-right of the screen.

The maximum time for checking a book out is 7 days (168 hours). The minimum is 1 hour.

Once a book is checked out no one else will be able to access it until the loan expires. The books cannot be returned. Loans automatically expire after the amount of time chosen at checkout has elapsed. If an eBook is needed longer, you will have to download it again.

Springer Link

Full Springer Link eBooks cannot be downloaded. Each chapter/section has to be downloaded separately as a PDF document and saved. When searching for eBooks in Springer Link make sure the box for “Include Preview-Only content” is not checked. These items cannot be downloaded.

If you have a tablet or smartphone that you use as an eReader the library recommends downloading the app Bluefire Reader. It is available for both Android and Apple devices.

Download Instructions for Ebscohost:

  1. On your tablet or smartphone go to the library’s website and there is a link under the catalog search box for eBooks.
  2. Search for the book you want. Then click “Download This eBook (Offline)”. To download you will either have to sign-in or create an account with Ebscohost per the instructionsa above. Then pick the length of time you want to check the book out also per the instructions above.
  3. Click “Checkout and Download”. Open the Bluefire Reader app or any other eReader app you prefer to read the eBook. 

Download Instructions for Springer Link:

  1. On your tablet or smartphone open the library’s website and go to Springer Link eBooks found on the title list of databases.
  2. Search for the eBook you want. The book chapters will be separate. Download each chapter or the specific ones wanted. They will be downloaded to your tablet in PDF documents. You can read them in the Adobe Reader app or any other PDF compatible apps including Bluefire

Instructions for EBSCO:

Unfortunately, Kindles cannot download a full eBook from EBSCOhost. Up to 60 pages can be saved as a PDF, then sent as an email, and put on the Kindle. 

  1. Search for the book you want and click "eBook Full Text."
  2. Instructions on how to save and email pages from a book are found here.
  3. Amazon has software, "Send to Kindle", that can be downloaded to send the PDF document to the Kindle. Instructions on how to send the pages to your Kindle can be found here. There is also the option to email the document to your Kindle. 

Instructions for Springer Link:

The eBooks that are available in Springer Link are all available in PDF. The "Send to Kindle" instructions explained above can also be used for Springer Link.

  1. Search for the book you want.
  2. Download the chapters/sections you want.
  3. Follow the instructions for "Send to Kindle".

Download Instructions for Ebscohost:

Adobe Digital Editions is free software which can be used to view eBooks on Mac and Windows computers. You must register for a free Adobe ID. You can read the eBook on the computer or put it on one of the many compatible devices, including the Nook. A few of the computers in the library have Adobe Digital Editions installed. You will have to sign in with your personal Adobe ID first.  

  1. Search for the book you want. Then click “Download This eBook (Offline)”. To download you will either have to sign-in or create an account with Ebscohost. Pick the length of time you want to check the book out.
  2. Click “Checkout and Download”. Open the Adobe Digital Editions and connect your eReader.
  3. Drag and drop the book to your eReader.

Download Instructions for Springer Link:

Springer Link eBooks are compatible with devices that can display PDFs. They can be read on the computer or transferred to an eReader.

  1. Search for the book you want and download the chapters/sections that you want.
  2. Save the file to the computer.
  3. Connect your eReader and copy and paste it to the appropriate folder on your eReader. For example, the Nook device has a folder called "Documents". The file would go there.

eBook Collections at Delgado

The catalog pulls 70,000 records from three main eBook collections:

Individual databases that feed the A to Z collection include:

Use the Library Catalog to Find eBooks

eBooks turn up in the results when you search the library catalog.

You can limit your catalog search results to ebooks exclusively by doing the following:


To limit to a specific collection, add one or more of these specific collection names as a key word to your search:

  • ebscohost
  • springerlink

Downloading EBSCO eBooks