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Library Policies: Electronic


In general, materials under 25 pages that your instructor requests that the Library put on "Reserve," including articles, book chapters, tests, solutions to problems, etc., are scanned and put on Electronic Reserve.

Some instructors request that their reserve materials NOT be put on Electronic Reserve. These materials will only be available at the Circulation desk. 

Entire books and materials over 25 pages will NOT be available electronically. All materials on Reserve, including Electronic Reserve materials, are also available at the Circulation desk.


How do you place materials on E-Reserves?

Bring the completed request form and the material to the library on your campus and submit it to the Reserves staff person. Expect that it will take from 2-4 days to process the material. Click here for the Reserve Form.

How will my students gain access to the electronic materials?

Electronic Reserves material can be found, viewed, and printed through the Library Catalog. The student can search for the material by faculty name or by course number.

Click the Reserve Desk to find items places on reserve in the Library.

Reserve Desk