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Reserve Desk

What materials and formats are appropriate for Reserves?

Print materials such as class notes, exams, problem sets, journal articles, textbooks, books or book chapters, which are subject to fair use principles in the copyright law, can be placed on Reserve.

Check the Library Catlog under Reserve Materials to locate your Reserve Items.

Copyright Guidelines

These guidelines have been derived from the Fair Use provisions of the United States Copyright Law of 2007, the Model Policy Concerning College and University for Classroom, Research and Library Reserve Use published by the American Library Association, and the Final Report entitled "Fair-Use Guidelines for Electronic Reserve Systems" revised by CONFU participants in November 2008 . It is the policy of the Library to exercise in good faith the full Fair-Use rights by faculty, librarians, and staff, in their teaching activities, while upholding the Copyright Laws of 2007, and to avoid, whenever possible, adopting or supporting policies or agreements that would restrict Fair-Use rights.