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LA Government Documents: LA Government Documents

Government Documents in the Library

General Information About Gov Docs

Delgado Community College

All depository libraries in the Louisiana Public Document Depository Program are required to include the core titles in their library collections. The core collection consists of the most essential and basic state documents necessary to support the information requirements of depository library patrons.

This page provides you with direct access to the Louisiana Government Documents available through Delgado Community College Libraries, both online and in print. 

LaDoc Classification System

The LaDoc classification system is separate from the Dewey classification system and pertains only to Louisiana Government Documents. 

 Prefix Scope Note
BMS Body, mind, spirit
BUS-A Agribusiness
BUS-E Energy industries
BUS-I Insurance
BUS-NP Nonprofits & charities 
BUS-RS Retirement planning
EDU-I Educational orgs. & institutions
EDU-SL Student life & affairs
HEA-CH Children's health 
MED-RA Health risk assessments
MED-V Veterinary medicine 
REF-C Catalogs (college & university included)
REF-Y Yearbooks & annuals
SOC-C Criminology 
SOC-P Penology
SOC-R Social science research 
SPO Sports
TEC-A Agriculture 
TEC-ENV Environmental technology
TEC-FL Flood control 
TEC-FSH Fisheries & aquaculture 
TEC-H Highway & traffic 
TEC-R Technology & engineering research
X Non-classifiable