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hor·ti·cul·ture  (hôrt-klchr)


1. The science or art of cultivating fruits, vegetables, flowers, or ornamental plants.
2. The cultivation of a garden.
horti·cultur·al adj.
horti·cultur·al·ly adv.
horti·cultur·ist n.
Horticulturists are agricultural scientists dedicated to finding better ways to grow, harvest, store, process and ship fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. Also concerned with insuring healthy and hardy plants, they work with plant pathologists and other experts to develop plants that resist disease and grow well in all climates. The field of horticulture is both dynamic and exciting. Horticulturists have opportunities to work in many interesting, challenging and different areas.

See also Delgado's Horticulture Technology, C.T.S. program.

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