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Evaluating Web Sources: Why Evaluate Web Sources?

Why should I evaluate sources?

  • ANYONE can create a website.
  • ANYONE can publish information on the Internet.
  • Web resources are NOT required to have editors or academic reviewers and so they rarely do.
  • There are NO STANDARDS in place to ensure accuracy on the World Wide Web.

Evaluating Websites

Satirical News Sites (Entertainment)

Fake news has become a popular form of satire. Here are three popular examples:

Not sure if a website is satirical? Go to this site for confirmation:

Read more about fake news sites and enduring urban legends at the Guide to Fake News Websites.

Websites that Address Rumors

A few websites are addressing the issue of misleading information. Use these websites to help your students identify fact and fiction. Keep in mind that even these websites should only be one of many sources of information.