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Paying Homage to Our Heroes: Home

September 2011


Today is the sixth anniversary of hurricane Katrina, and this upcoming September will mark a decade since 9/11. Looking back at such horrific events can cause feelings of agony, but instead I wanted to initiate, if I could, particularly to fellows New Orleanians feelings of gratitude. 

We have come far as a city in our efforts to rebuild and as a nation. As we look back, while proceeding to move forward let us pay homage to heroes like Admiral Thad Allen; this gentlemen, now a retired a U.S. Coast Guard,  helped guide the Coast Guard’s response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and 2005 Hurricane Katrina.

Admiral Allen’s rescue team pulled roughly 33,000 stranded Katrina victims off rooftops and overpasses. Then, there’s Ladder 6, also known as the Lucky 6 are the six firemen who survived while helping others on September 11th. Their names are Tommy Falco, Sal D’Agostino, Mike Meldrum, Matt Komorowski, Caption John Jonas, and Bill Butler. The men of L-6 were on the scene within minutes and ran into the lobby of 1 World Trade Center as debris fell from the upper floors and victims lay on the ground As they surveyed the situation, the second airliner found its target, and the men entered a stairway to begin rescue operations on the upper floors.  Josephine Harris was one of many victims that firemen saved.  These acts of heroism remind us that as unit, we will always be stronger.  

Teresha Ussin, West Jeffferson Library

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