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Save LOUIS: What is LOUIS

Introduction to Louis

LOUIS Funding Updates

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What is LOUIS?
LOUIS is an academic library consortium in Louisiana, which began in 1992. LOUIS represents ALL academic libraries regardless of if they are public or private universities or colleges and provides services and resources, equally, to all members. In essence, LOUIS “Levels the Playing Field”, “Does More with Less” and saves the taxpayer millions each year. This year alone, LOUIS purchased $19 million dollars’ worth of services and resources for $3.1 million dollars. Since 1992, LOUIS has saved Louisiana taxpayers $151 million dollars.

How is LOUIS funded?
LOUIS has historically received central funding (70%) from the Louisiana Board of Regents(BoR) and the remaining funding (30%) from members. This current fiscal year (2010‐11) the BoR portion was completely eliminated. After many discussions a onetime allocation of 16% was reinstated. Members had to make some strategic decisions (cuts) and based on those decisions, developed a budget that had to be funded totally by members. Members have stated they cannot sustain the level of funding in the coming year (2011‐12). And as of today, the consortium does not have any commitment from the Regents for any central funding. The lack of central funding forces members to make the difficult decision of prioritizing products and services that will need to be cut.

Why should you care?
LOUIS provides almost 72,000 scholarly items for your library. It supports research, teaching and accreditation. Without LOUIS, you will not have the same level of access as peer institutions.

How can you help?
Write to your state elected officials and Regents asking to reinstate funding to LOUIS. Click here to find your Representative.